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Will we ever have a theory of everything or it’s going to be more bizarre?

Today at TSA we present to you five theories that will have you challenging the point of your existence.


In life, there are several things that you willingly take for granted: the objects around you, your existence and a credible Wi-Fi connection.

But what if everything that you understood turned out not to exist at all, like Bigfoot or a respectable BJP supporter?

Well, all gratitude to new scientific progress, we can have all of our belief in evidence completely broken without ever tasting a “special” brownie.

Image source: Ted Ed blog

Today at TSA we present to you five theories that will have you challenging the point of your existence.

1. Why aliens didn’t contact us?

Image source: DNA India

Earth is deliberately not being contacted. On Earth, we have strategies about contacting indigenous peoples; it’s possible that the same thing could be occurring to us.

Just like in Star Trek, progressed alien societies may implement rules that limit contact only to species that achieve a high degree of technological or cultural evolution. So it might be possible they think of us a primitive species.


Alien technology may be too progressed. Radio technology may be cliche here on Earth, but on far-flung planets, alien societies may have succeeded to more advanced communication technologies, like neutrino signals. We can’t interpret those just yet.

2.You might actually be immortal according to quantum mechanics

Image source: Chakra Anatomy

Well, you can’t probably withstand what it’s like to be the “dead you” in the quantum suicide experiment, since the dead you has no understanding of the world at all.

There’s no mind to inhabit, since it’s been blown to bits — and no consciousness to encounter.

In fact, the only universe you’ll ever be around to glimpse is the one in which you withstand the experiment: So the consequence you’re guaranteed to perceive when you run the quantum suicide experiment is the one where you survive.

According to quantum immortality, you should also undergo the survival outcome in this second round of the experiment. In fact, if you repeat this experiment 100 times, you should experience the survival outcome each time.

You’re destined to experience walking away intact against all odds


3. ʟ’ᴀᴘᴘᴇʟ ᴅᴜ ᴠɪᴅᴇ: The ‘’call of the void’’. . . Can’t you hear it?

Image source: Medium

You’re riding along, minding your own business, and unexpectedly — you have the puzzling compulsion to swivel into oncoming traffic—you have no intention of actually acting on this ‘impulse,’ nor are you ‘suicidal’… but it’s an odd passing-thought, nevertheless.

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Or, have you ever been up someplace — up really, really high — looked down… and had the tingling desire to jump?

… Why do such things even cross our minds when we have no objective or desire to act on them?
Scholars and scientists have actively studied these strange phenomena, which is better known as “the call of the void,” or, l’appel du vide as conceived by the French

4.Automatonaphobia: Fear of Human-Like Figures

Image source: Parentology

What’s alarming, a deadly snake slithering across your path during a hike or watching a 1,000-point fall in the stock market?

Although both may infuse fear, researchers give us another more scary term.


Automatonophobia, a fear of human-like figures, such as mannequins, wax figures, statues, dummies, animatronics, or robots.

It’s a specific phobia or a belief of something that causes significant and excessive stress and anxiety and can negatively affect a person’s quality of life

5. Time Is Shady

Image source: Artsy

You know time, that thing that tutors your life and enables you to assess the events around you? Yeah, turns out that isn’t an aspect.

According to Julian Barbour, a world-renowned specialist on physics and quantum gravity, time is something that people can anticipate, but doesn’t exist at all.

So everyone prevails in a sequel of Now, and each one exists at the same time as all of the others.

When you travel through Nows, that happening is what you know as “time.” Sort of like how 3 isn’t the past version of 5, no now happens before or after any other.


So what’s your scariest theory of all time, that didn’t let you sleep for days? Comment down below and let us know.

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