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Young restaurateur from Mumbai made it to Forbes under 30


Everything we see around us, from huge building complexes to miniature arts and from big hard drives to advanced smartphones are a result of hard work and turmoil, faith and determination. Every consequence brings a solution with itself but all it hides is the idea that needs to be worked upon until the idea being simple and non-existent becomes great.

Shraddha Bansali, 26, is one such person who with her simplicity and faith did something exceptionally brilliant, founder and managing director of Candy and Greens, a pure vegetarian restaurant focusing on absolute customer hospitality. The speciality of the restaurant is all the ingredients served are grown here itself.

The journey behind a simple yet innovative idea:

Belonging to a business-class family hailing in Mumbai, after her schooling Shraddha went to the United States to study Hospitality and Business Management from Boston University. She came back in 2014 and started working in a 5-star hotel, although she was paid well but her desire of opening her own restaurant made her do something uncommon.
She was inspired by her mother and dreamt of having a place where people would be served healthy and tasty home-grown food filled with the goodness of nature and wanted to take this message to people.


The biggest challenge and initial criticism:

Developing a concept for the restaurant, setting up the menu which would have the list of all the food items grown there itself was a big challenge for her keeping in mind the changing seasons and growth of vegetables altogether hence the menu changes every season accordingly and that’s how she crackled the code of serving good food to her dearly customers.

The restaurant was launched in 2017, February located on the 4th floor of the Hubtown Skybay, Bhulabhai Desai Rd in beach Candy while the ingredients are grown on the 5th floor open for the view of the customers. At first, her restaurant was widely criticized all over India in food magazines but soon it peaked the heights of success.

Candy and Green restaurant has been called rising star by CNBC Awaaz and the founder made it to the Forbes India’s 30 under 30. “We don’t shy away from indulgent dishes, but the ingredients are consciously sourced,” said Shraddha in her Forbes interview.
With her restaurant being a huge success, Shraddha is planning to open another one for common people where they will be served food in cheaper rates with the same hospitality and care. At the age of 25, Shraddha proved that well begun is half done.



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