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10 Instances Of Hypocrisy: Discover Commonplace Examples Of Gender Bigotry!

People have an eternal habit of passing judgments without giving it a second thought. This very tendency often gives rise to hypocrisy. Read on to spot such examples in your daily life.


Hypocrisy is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform. But if we add another aspect to the definition, things become clearer.

A hypocrite is not simply one who says “Do as I say and not as I do.” A hypocrite is someone who proclaims, “It is good for me to do this, but it’s forbidden to you.” Hypocrites hold a different set of rules for others while maintaining another set of rights for themselves usually according to their own desires and needs.

At the root of hypocrisy is the desire for power over others. Self-interest is the most obvious reason for any of us to act like hypocrites. When people are questioned about why they act in conflict with their own stated moral standards, many will say that the personal costs are enough to outweigh the intention to act morally.

Thus, “all of you, but not me.” seems to be the favorite phrase of a bigot/ hypocrite.


Politicians alone would provide us plenty of examples: those who protest for a spike in petrol prices being in opposition while in the ruling party they seem to turn their deaf ear over the manifold rise in prices; who sing the praises of public education while sending their own children to high-priced private schools; and the list could proceed ceaselessly.

A prominent American essayist  Ralf Waldo Emerson has put it into simpler words yet powerful. According to him,” Everyman alone is sincere. At the entrance of a second person, hypocrisy begins”. Following are the examples of gender bigotry that is prevalent in our society and is deep-rooted:

1. Birth Of A Child!

It is clear that society has set a different set of rules for a male child and another one for a female. You might have seen local aunties proclaiming at the birth of a neighbor,s child and giving their precious feedbacks which are mostly not required and undigestable to the parents.


It a tendency to bless the parents on the birth of a male child. Whereas the birth of a female child has looked up something as burdensome and is often ignored.

2. While Taking Up Programming!

It is more often seen that when a boy takes up programming, he is always being appreciated. While a girl chooses the same she is often found advises proclaiming that such fields aren’t made for girls

3. Loud Shouting! 

Girls are often told to speak politely while men are allowed to shout or howl as much as they can. One very-common phrase that I am sure every girl has have heard is “Shobha nahi deta”.

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4. Coming Home Late!

While boys are being often ignored when entering late at home, girls are always being subjected to asked questions about their upbringing. Well, as far as upbringing is concerned both parties should be equally questioned.


5. Seen With The Opposite Sex!

When a boy is seen mixing up with many girls then he is being considered a stud and Macho. Nevertheless, when a girl is seen doing the same thing, it is being considered as a matter of shame and everyone starts to warn her of the same. This duality again highlights the very hypocrisy which is deep-rooted in our society.

6. Playing Sports 

It is commonly seen tendency that if a girl is seen playing any sport then she is often told that she would start to look more masculine let alone taking up sports as a career. Whereas if a boy takes up sports as a career, then he is being addressed as a champ! Clearly, this very episode highlights the polarity of our society.


7. Working Night shifts 

Well, this episode is so common and you all might have witnessed it. While working night shifts becomes a matter of fame for a boy, at the same time it becomes a matter of shame for a girl. It appears so strange that if a girl does night shift works then the very first word that comes to a hypocrite is “ fishy”.


8. Looking After A spouse

While girls are always being taught that it is their duty to look after their husband and that no matter what she does her efforts are always unappreciated and taken for granted.Whereas if a man looks after his wife, then he is addressed as being “supportive”.Society acknowledges his efforts.


9. Taking up a stand!

This very episode of standing up for their respective rights and decision highlights the hypocrisy. If a man stands up for his rights, he is generally being looked upon as strong and bold. Whereas if a girl does the same then mostly she is not allowed to and if by chance she speaks, the very common phrase you can hear from a hypocrite is “zyada zabaan chalane lagi hai”.

10. The episode of crying!

As I have mentioned a lot of instances from daily life where you have clearly witnessed the ideology of hypocrisy working. Here is yet another event that manifests bigotry is when a girl is seen crying then it is commonly termed as” overacting”. While a boy cries, he is given moral support and is motivated to handle the situation. Undoubtedly, a girl’s problem is looked upon as trivial!

These instances of hypocrisy are not new but many times go unnoticed. Next time when you have enough time to contemplate, make a list of such events. You are surely gonna amazed by the countless circumstances manifesting bigotry.!

(Comic source – Brown Paperbag Comics)

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