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5# Upcoming Effects of Climate Change!

Climate Change : an Existential Crises.!!


Deadly heat , record floods, severe drought, raging storms and many more…Climate Change has innumerable ways of manifesting its effects. It is the ultimate equalizer: a threat faced by every living being.

The world has changed a lot post coronavirus and so are the weather conditions of respective places and areas. But the term Climate is different as it refers to the general weather conditions of a place over many years. Climate Change is a remarkable variation of an average weather conditions such as becoming wetter , drier, warmer-over several decades or more.

Numerous causes can be listed as far as climate change is concerned. To simplify further we can say that there are two causes namely Natural and Anthropogenic. Natural Forces such as the sun’s intensity, alterations in greenhouse gas concentration, volcanic eruptions, and what not, play a major role in disturbing climatic conditions. However “, their influence is too small to explain the rapid warming seen in recent decades”, as pointed by NASA.

The causes, other than natural, are man-made. The greenhouse gas( GHG) emissions that we generate are the leading cause. Greenhouse gases play a crucial role in keeping the planet warm enough to inhabit. But in recent years this emission has increased drastically creating imbalances. Now, after knowing the causes, it becomes even more important to know the effects as well. Here it goes.!!

1# Extreme weather 


As the earth’s temperature goes up, it generates changes in weather patterns and makes dry areas drier and wet areas wetter. Higher temperatures increase the frequency of many disasters namely- heat waves, floods, landslides, droughts, and storms. These recurring events have catastrophic consequences, declining access to clean drinking water, damaging assets, polluting the air, and leading to loss of life.


Source: house logic


We have enough evidence to claim that climate change is fueling extreme weather and thereby deteriorating the quality and Quantity of living.


2# Health Risks


According to the World Health Organization,climate change is expected to cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year”.



source: health forward foundation

Owing to the rise in global temperature, the number of ailments and diseases related to kidney, cardiovascular, and liver has increased rapidly. As the quality of air worsens, so does respiratory health- particularly for the 300 million people living with asthma worldwide. Extreme weather events such as floods, landslides, and storms can lead to injuries, contamination of drinking water, and other related damages that lead to community displacement.

A warmer, wetter world is also a blessing in disguise for insect-borne diseases such as Dengue fever, Lyme disease, and other viruses.

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3# Dry Air


Air pollution and climate change are interlinked. As we already know that when the earth’s temperature rises it paves the way to make dry air drier. Furthermore, dry air has the ability to worsen a good range of health issues, from skin problems and respiratory conditions to sore throats, nosebleeds, dry eyes, high-stress levels, dehydration, and more.

source: ear, nose, and throat consultant

As we know that prevention is better than cure, so we have to take measures to stop or slow down this deterioration.

4# Rising water levels


The Arctic ocean is heating up at a rapid rate, causing ice sheets to melt into the seas. It is being estimated that our oceans can rise one to four feet higher by 2100, threatening low lying areas and coastal ecosystems. 



The Nations on the island face particular risks such as New Zealand, Singapore, the Republic of Ireland and so on and so forth and so do the major cities of the world such as Mumbai, Miami, New York, etc.



5# Vulnerable Ecosystems


Changes in climatic conditions are accelerating pressure on Wildlife to adapt to changing habitats. Several species are facing ever-changing patterns of migration, altering seasonal behaviors, and many more. These shifts can transform an entire ecosystem and thereby transform the lives of wildlife that depend on them.


Climate Change
source: US EPA

According to a 2014 IPCC Climate Change Report, many species now face,” increased extinction risk due to Climate Change. Another study showed that fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, and other species are vanishing 114 times faster than they should be.

Key Takeaways 

Though tackling Global climate changes seems a Herculean task, there are several measures one can take as an individual to slow down this deterioration. As the saying goes,” charity begins at home”. We, as responsible citizens of respective Nations, can come forward and save our environment and at large can reverse this process of decline. 


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