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As the death rate increase, the media accused the government of Gujarat to hide the actual number

The media accused the government of Gujarat of hiding the actual number of deaths in the state.


With the increasing number of cases in the state, there is a high number of deaths reported on Tuesday. The second wave of Covid19 is spreading effortlessly in India where Gujarat alone reported 6,690 new cases and 67 deaths which are considered as the highest in a single day that in comparison to the last year pandemic started.

Nevertheless, these official figures are grim in themselves, and the ground reality of Gujarat is much, much worse. There is a shortage of crematorium and burial grounds due to the increase in the Covid 19 cases in the state.

Almost all the new channels and the media hubs in Gujarat are trying their best to bring light to this matter. The media outlets are trying too hard to show the difference between the number of cases and deaths that are happening and the one that the Government is showing.

Where the government officials are only showing 20 deaths in the Ahmedabad city, on the other hand, the media has reported that there was a total of 63 deaths in the city that also in only one government hospital in the city on April 12. These reporters were made by the leading newspaper that is he Sandesh.

The report presented by the Sandesh newspaper on Tuesday claimed that reporters have counted all the dead bodies that have been brought out by the Ahmedabad Civil Hospitals (1,200-bed dedicated Covid-19 ), from the morgue from midnight to 5 pm on April 12.

Media accuses Gujarat govt of hiding actual COVID-19 figures

However, The Chief Minister of the state Vijay Rupani denied all these claims and said it was not true.  He also stated that the government of Gujarat is following all the guidelines laid down by the Indian Council of Medical Research, That’s if the primary cause of the death is not covid 19 then it will be not reported as covid death. In the case of patients with co-morbidities, if doctors specify that Covid-19 was the secondary cause of death, it is not attributed to the virus.


But this is also one of the misleading statements by the government because as per the guidelines the death that did not have the covid 19 as the primary cause should also be reported as covid 19 deaths.

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The journalists of the state that are reporting from all over Gujarat are very sure that the government is fudging the data. Many Gujarat journalists have claimed that that the government is hiding the actual number of deaths and cases in the state. The question that has raised over here is that if Sandesh counted 63 bodies from only one particular hospital then how many deaths must be there in all the hospitals of Gujarat. Even after this how can the government and state the number as only 20.

Another example of the same is the Jamnagar where the government hospital Guru Gobind Hospitals is pilled up with a lot of covid 19 patients and that also not just from the Jamnagar but also the other neighbouring districts of Morbi, Rajkot, Junagadh, and Amreli.

Even here the state government claims to have zero cases of the virus while the local newspaper reported 1000 deaths in the spam time of 48 hours from April 10 and 11 as well as the reporters reported 54 death in the city on the 13 of April.  Likewise, new channels TV9 Gujarati reported that on the 12 of April within 24 hours there 64 deaths at the Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, which has 1,200 beds for the covid 19 facilities.

Perhaps the worst situation has been seen in the Surat in context to the covid 19 cases. On the 12 and 13 of April, the government officials have reported 22 deaths while the city crematoriums claim that they are receiving three to four times the number of bodies that they use to receive in a day. The Ramnath Ghela and Kurukshetra Crematoriums had around 8o bodies per day in the past two weeks rather than the 20 bodies that they use to receive. Also, the other crematorium used to get around 30 bodies are now getting around 100 bodies a day.

Gujarat hiding actual COVID-19 figuresj

As reported by the TV9 Gujarati on April 11 that at least 25 bodies were cremated together at midnight in open ground to shorten the long waiting period for the cremations. The Surat Municipal Corporation had willingly opened this ground so that the pyres could burn through the night.


Apart from all of this, the question has also been raised about the shortage of the covid 19 beds and oxygen cylinder as well as the medicines. In one of the videos going viral over social media a line of ambulances waiting for entry in the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. In one of the videos the Zee News channel claimed to count 21 ambulances waiting in the line.

The question is that if the situation is under control, then why are there so many ambulances waiting outside the hospital.

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