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7 Exciting Places In India To Visit Post The COVID-19 Pandemic

A dreary 2020 has thrown all your travel plans out of the window? An amazing trip right now can be therapeutic and with the vaccine almost coming in, we cannot help but look at the calendar and pack our bags in advance. Here are 7 amazing places in India you should be raring to go when the signal says green.


With all usual movement restricted and the world coming to a halt, the traveller within had a hard time, cancelling all travel plans and sitting at home for almost a year, which had its own toll on us. However, the bleak is close to over with the vaccine almost on its way and transport set to resume as normal, here are 7 places in India which could be refreshing to visit after the pandemic.

  1. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu –

The majestic ‘princess of hill stations’ located in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu has a long history as a retreat and has been recently very popular for the picturesque views it offers. Kodaikanal has luscious trees, lush greenery, enchanting waterfalls, and beautiful rock formations.

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With spiralling Ghats overseeing the greeneries, this hilltop has become an ideal location for travellers who want tranquillity and peace while savouring nature’s beauty. Kodaikanal Lake is very popular with tourists and the star shape of it is a sight to behold. Bryant Park and Silver Cascade Falls make for amazing weekend destinations. So, if you plan to visit a hill station in Southern India, look no further!

2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand –

A breathtaking view and a spiritual hotbed offer replenishment for both the body and the soul. Also, popular as the “gateway to the Himalayas”, the ancient city is famous for its temples and ashrams from time immemorial.

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Rishikesh is known amongst adventure tourists for its offerings of different activities such as bungee jumping, water rafting, mountain biking, etc. So, for those who do not possess a faint heart, there is plenty to excite.

3. Wayanad, Kerala –


Lying amongst the lush and green portion of the Western Ghats, Wayanad is an enchantingly beautiful hill-station which is also fondly called “Green Paradise” for sharing terrain with the greenery in the vicinity.

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Fertile and densely vegetated agricultural fields and misty hills add up to the heavenly scenic charm. ‘Wayanad Bird Sanctuary’, which is popular for the rare bird species it houses and the fauna of the region makes Wayanad a hot favourite for visitors across the country. Peaceful and green are the words which describe this gorgeous hill-station deep down south.

4. Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh –

Enjoying a great reputation of being one of the top tourist spots in India, Dharamsala is alluring to mountain lovers.

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Featuring lots of greens and a cool climate year-round, it is the perfect getaway for all the urban dwellers who yearn for open spaces. Dharamsala has lovely views and you don’t have to spend much as accommodation comes cheap.

5. Kalimpong, West Bengal –

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At an altitude of 4,101 feet (1,250 meters), Kalimpong is an incredible hill station located in the state of West Bengal.

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Far from the hustle and bustle of big and crowded cities’ hectic life, this scintillating hilltop relishes the feel as if you are in the cool breeze of the Himalayan Mountains. Beautiful gardens and nurseries make for a really joyful trip and the calmness of the Buddhist monasteries adds a spiritual touch. The splendid churches and small eateries make Kalimpong a preferred tourist destination.

6. Varanasi, UP –

Tired of the mountains? The cultural and spiritual heritage of Varanasi and the Indo-Gangetic plains can take your breath away. Varanasi boasts of more than 100 ghats, the largest being Dashasvmeva Ghat and Assi(the latter, at the confluence of the Ganges and Asi rivers, is considered particularly holy).

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Whether you wander around the narrow alleys of Vishwanath Gali or stroll at the Ganga ghats, Varanasi will always remain beautiful and intriguing. Lip-smacking food and the coveted Ganga Arti will make for an unforgettable experience.

7. Pondicherry –

A former French colony, about 150kms south of Chennai is famous for its exquisite beaches and lovely neighbourhoods with churches, streets, and houses resembling its colonial past.

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The golden ocean shores, the exclusive dusk cruises, the enchanting moonlit dinner meals, and the heavenly lagoons have given the lovely beach city a –reputation of being the best of venues for those in quest of a relaxed and leisurely holiday. Bicycles and scooters on rent are the best modes of transport for moving around and visiting the beauty of Pondicherry. Even the brilliant cuisine and options for teetotalers do not burn a hole in the pocket!


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