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NCRB Data shows this uninvited guest is causing maximum deaths

Mental illness is more dramatic than physical pain but it is more common and harder to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden. It is easier to say my tooth is aching than to say my heart is broken.


National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has published a yearly report on suicide since 1967 in the State and Union territories. Over the years the number given by NCRB is moving towards the positive side of the scale.

In 2018 the data provided by NCRB shows that the poorest, but not the most uneducated are more likely to commit suicide in India and the reason varies. In 2019 there is an increase of six per cent from the previous year shows in NCRB data.

The suicide rate among farmer in the year 2018 was 10,357 which got reduce by 10,281 in 2019. Whereas the statistics reveal that the second-highest death rate is among housewives in the year 2019.The five states accounting for most such deaths were Kerala (10,963 deaths), Maharashtra (1,511), Tamil Nadu (1,368), Karnataka (1,293) and Odisha (858).


According to the report of the World Health Organisation 2019, India has the highest suicide rate in the South East Asia region. This is an important issue which should be looked after by the authorities.

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