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Pune Professor celebrates family function in very unique way

For his magnanimous endeavors, Pune Professor got a letter of appreciation from Chief Minister Uddhav Thackery's Office.



When birthdays or anniversaries approach, we tend to celebrate among our close ones. Since it’s covid-19, we small get-together. But a professor from Pune, Yashwant Kolekar, a professor of Civil Engineering, from COEP had a different perspective.

After the inception of Covid-19, many workers have lost their jobs and suffered severe financial hardships, and there has been no decrease in the number of incidents, making the situation worse. Owing to a shortage of personnel and funds to combat coronavirus, even the authority is unable to investigate anyone and anywhere.


So, on any occasion, such as a father’s anniversary, a monther’s birthday, or a son’s birthday, professor Yashwant Kolekar and his family. The Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences in Bhubaneshwar, and the Mother Global Foundation, established by social worker Sindhutai Sapkal, have all received monetary donations. Kolekar contributed a total of Rs 4.50 lakh.

“We had all seen how the pandemic had affected people’s lives. Despite the fact that the economy had come to a halt, governments were forced to continue to provide healthcare to a large number of sick people. Since government and corporate machinery cannot reach everybody anywhere, I decided to contribute my meager resources to the pandemic’s global battle “Professor said.

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In addition, he hosted an international webinar for the same course that was funded by crowdfunding. The money raised by the candidates, which totaled up to one lakh rupees, was transferred to the relief funds of the chief minister and Prime Minister.

He received a letter of appreciation from Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s office as a result of his efforts.


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