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QAnon And The Rise of Far Right Groups in America

Hate groups such as QAnon Followers are increasing in numbers. American threat analysts hint mass radicalization of Americans


An evolving list of hatreds and ambitions has long been nursed by the ragged factions of far-right groups and white nationalists invigorated under President Trump. But now they have been energized by the false accusations of the outgoing president that the victory was robbed from him, and by the brutal attack on the Capitol of the nation on his behalf by hundreds of them.

“The politicians who have lied, betrayed and sold out the American people for decades were forced to cower in fear and scatter like rats,”

On Twitter the day after the assault, one party, notorious for spreading the worst antisemitic ideologies, commented.

The Capitol riots acted as a far-right propaganda coup, and those who track racist groups say that the assault is likely to enter an extremist lexicon with the takeover of an Oregon wildlife preserve by Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Bundy in stimulating mobilization and abuse for coming years.

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While there have been arrests of hundreds of violent protesters, chat rooms, and instant messengers where celebrations and plans are packed with the far-right congregates. The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, the Boogaloo campaign, and neo-Nazis, a mishmash of racist groups and far-right troublemakers, are now debating ways to broaden their numbers and whether to protest in the streets again this weekend.

Several digital developments on secure message applications have appeared since last week to commit to QAnon, the far-right conspiracy theory which says, Trump fights a satanic and paedophile network. In the darker corners of the internet, several militias have found thousands of new supporters, such as one Telegram channel run by the Proud Boys, a militant far-right organization that has more than doubled its members.

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The Proud Boys Telegram Channels had revealed one message earlier this week: “The people saw what we could do, they know what’s up, they want in”


Extremists, no matter who is in the White House, have become a constant in American society. When the Democrats controlled the house, they had a natural enemy. They had an ally in Trump.


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QAnon is a freeform, far-right community of adherents who follow a variety of baseless ideas. Those views are based on the belief that a parallel shadow government, which they claim aims to overthrow President Trump, are under long domination of Satan’s hierarchy of paedophiles.

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Established personalities such as big filmmakers, almost all democrats, sensible journalists are the members of such an organization.

QAnon’s concept of conspiracy argues that perhaps the Republican Trump is integral in the war between good and bad. Two big events await the supporters of QAnon: the tempest and the Great Awakening.

The storm is the widespread arrest of evil people. A single occurrence involved the Great Awakening in which everybody would come to the realization that the QAnon theory was perfect all the time. Society will reach an era of wonderlands with this recognition.

The followers think that the Q is a top-ranking agent of the government, devoted to revealing the secret reality of the scheme towards Donald Trump and his supporters. They believe this imaginary covert agent is a saint or a hero according to some online posts. Some followers think that “Q” uses the number 17, a letter that is Q in the alphabet, to send out coded signals.



The conclusion

The wide-ranging approach to paranoia and misinformation is a rise in American mass radicalization and the possibility of right-wing terrorism.

The security consequences of millions of Conservatives consuming baseless right-wing arguments are being expressed in domestic terrorism reports. They argue that the distinction between what’s real and what’s fabricated is fading, with conspirators marching in rallies around the country alongside armed extremists


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  1. […] QAnon And The Rise of Far Right Groups in America […]

  2. […] QAnon And The Rise of Far Right Groups in America […]

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