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In the brunt of the war children are the most overlooked victims of war. Orphans around the world face many complexities: malnutrition, hunger, disease, and loss of social awareness.



Every year World Day of War Orphans is commemorated on January 6. The day encourages global communities to acknowledge the hardship of a, especially fragile group.

In the brunt of the war children are the most overlooked victims of war. Orphans around the world face many complexities: malnutrition, hunger, disease, and loss of social awareness.

As the most susceptible population on the planet, there is no one to conserve them and they endure hunger, disease, and many other difficulties.
The day is recollected as the tragedy of the war that orphans usually withstood.

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World Orphan Day was commenced by a French organization. Most orphans around the planet are in terrible hardships because there is no one to preserve them. They experience most from diseases and many other difficulties.

According to UNICEF (UN Children’s Emergency Fund), there are nearly 153 million orphans worldwide. UNICEF is a UN agency accountable for providing humanitarian and developmental assistance to children around the globe.

The description of an orphan is a child who is abandoned or looked after. World Orphans Day is a day meant for such children. World Orphans Day is a day to acknowledge these children. Each of them is valuable and they all deserve a chance that will encourage them to achieve their ambitions.


Background to the world war orphan day

World Orphans
1972, The SOS village of Marseille is created/Image source: SOS D’EFANTS FRANCE

World Orphans Day was commenced by the French organization SOS Enfants en detresse. UNICEF calculates that there are nearly 900,000 children in the Northeastern state, all of whom have been harshly influenced by the war, either due to lack of schooling, food, shelter, or direct devastations.


In the following decades, the civilian death toll from armed disputes has increased considerably, to more than 90 percent. Half of the casualties are children.

As a result of the war and human rights abuses, 20 million children are compelled to leave their homes and become refugees in neighboring countries or banished internally within their national boundaries.

More than 2 million children have died in the recent decade as an immediate result of armed wars. More than three times that number, at least 6 million children are perpetually disabled or seriously wounded.

French refugee children at Grand Val, near Paris,  during the First World War/Image source: Sir John Monash Centre

More than 1 million people have been orphaned or separated from their households. Every year, 8,000 to 10,000 children are assassinated by landslides. More than 30 wars worldwide involve 300,000 child soldiers – boys and girls under the age of 18.

Child combatants are used to donating fighters, messengers, monkeys, cooks, and sex services. Some are forcibly enrolled or kidnapped, while others due to poverty, abuse, or intolerance to retaliate violence against themselves and their families.

Sadly, it is extraordinary for them to have the time, compassion, and love for social and personal growth. Study shows that children brought up in orphanages experience emotional, social, and physical barriers. There is no suspicion that the best place for a child to grow up is in a safe family with a loving father and mother.

How to celebrate World Day for War Orphans

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Spread awareness of any kind that can donate or assist the needs of a home or family. This holiday season centralizes those in need of a family, those in need of a home, and those who want to assist. A great intention is a great way to make people come together and help those in want.

Celebrate on social media

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• Spread the insights on any social media platforms
• Motivate your followers to re-post or share
• Update or share any donations you are ready to make
• Post why you think it is crucial to give to needy people and orphans

As spoken of earlier, anything you can do to help a needy orphan can make a change, so take some time to work out what you can do and get it! For instance, you can establish an event for a fundraiser.

In extremely vulnerable areas of the world, you have the choice of funding an individual child in an orphanage of your preference or investing in educational agendas intended for giving the orphan a new life. There are many means to assist orphans, and the objective of this annual day is to circulate these ideas to as many people as possible.

UNICEF has declared openly its commitment to care for orphans and to assist end AIDS by 2030.

Amicol is a crucial part of the ICASA agenda for Africa’s mayors and municipal administrators to contribute The Stars Foundation is instructing to bring important ambassadors for benevolence to the ICASA meeting on behalf of the orphans as a component of their public awareness and advocacy work.


Importance of the day

Image source: Habitat for Humanity GB

World Orphans Day was established to put forward awareness about the volume of children in this world who have something that most of us see as insignificant.

The folks of Rome are the first to take legal care of orphaned children. By 400 AD, he had inaugurated the first orphanage in history. The day motivates people to partake actively to help raise attention, assist and fund maternity and fatherless children worldwide.

Each day, 5,700 other children are orphans. There are testimonies of millions of orphans in World War II, with 300,000 orphans in Poland and 200,000 orphans in Yugoslavia independently.

How to observe the day

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The best way to rejoice the day is to engage in a fundraising exhibition for orphaned children. Work to develop your event, help other organizations with their exhibitions, or partake in an event. Campus rallies, prayer whistles, races, bike rides, and performances have all been included in aforesaid events. Donations can be made to a non-profit group that supports orphans.

We at TSA stands by this helpless group of society and pledges to conserve their rights.


We acknowledge that these children also have the freedom to live and should be given identical respect and chances.


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