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Anxiety and Distress Hits 40% of Indian Professionals: LinkedIn Survey

As a part of the world mental day, LinkedIn, the survey revealed its report that has been conducted from April to September which shows how this pandemic adversely affected the lives of Indian professionals.


A new survey revealed by LinkedIn reported the effect of this disastrous pandemic on the mental health of Indian Professionals. According to the findings, 2 in every 5 professionals are suffering from increased stress or anxiety due to COVID-19.

‘WORK FROM HOME’ was always a dream situation for many and was supposed to save us from the daily hustle of life. But it really hasn’t turned out that way, has it?
The new normal isn’t favouring us anymore because the reality of this deal is, one in three Indian professionals believe that the remote working has slowed down their career progression, made them feel lonely and led them to bemoan the lack of work-life balance. The new normal affected these professionals in its worst way.

LinkedIn, the leading professional platform stressed on the mental stability of the professionals and their decreasing concentration and dedication level. Economic repercussions, jobs uncertainty, salary cut-off and financial instability lead these individuals into silent distress. Employees appeal for better well-being support as the report shows that only 1 in 4 (23 per cent) – reported the LinkedIn survey.

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Nobody knows how long the uncertainty is going to last and the emotional toll of COVID-19 that has major impacts on the mental health of Indian professionals. On top of the daily stress, these professionals are dealing with the upheaval of economic and social life with the rest of the country.

Important Highlights from the survey

  • More than 60% of Indian workers have felt lonely (depressed) at some point while remotely working and 37% of them still feel the same.
  • Less than 23% of Indian Professionals were being offered emotional well-being initiative and flexible working hours by their employers in the starting phase of lockdown.
  • More than 40% of Indian professionals are experiencing financial instability.
  • Pandemic adversely affected working mothers, with at least 1 in 3 putting in extra hours to afford childcare.
  • Approximately 36% of the working women were finding it difficult to concentrate on both work and their children at home.
  • Workplace safety guidelines (34%), stressed professionals, especially because of their uncertain future employment

Linkedin, India country manager, Ashutosh Gupta said that the three Rs ie – Remote work, Return to work, and Risk of exposure is affecting Indian professionals adversely. He also ensured that companies in India will boost their mental health programmes to support their employees in such times of crisis.

LinkedIn periodically conducts surveys like things to keep the track of the normal functioning and mental stability of the working professionals. Last month in September it conducted a survey on working women revealing data about the stress and anxiety faced by them this pandemic.

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