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Blaming Victims for Sexual Abuse Needs to STOP: It’s 2020!

Men believe that they are unchained animals and every roaming women are their property. The horrors of sexual abuse have been repeatedly dismissed by patriarchal voices by blaming the victim of sexual abuse, which needs to STOP.


Within every country’s socio-cultural setting, there is an unuttered identity related to men and women of the society i.e.; men are hunter by nature and women are their prey, this also encourages cultural model which says that only men can protect women and women are incapable of protecting themselves.

Blaming Victims for Sexual Abuse: A Change We Need the most in 2020
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Men believe that they are unchained animals and every roaming women are their property. So, here are some unreasonable reasons given by men after committing sexual abuse to women.

  1. Women’s outfit: It is often cited that by the abusers that the victim’s cloth was inviting like a short length of the skirt, skin-tight jeans or low – slung jeans, top with low-cuts and even the sheer fabric of the dress.
  2. There is also a common reference attached to women who are raped that they had a prior contact like she had been out with him on a date, smiled at, laughed, and kissed. These actions are mostly put forward as She should have known better or what she expects after doing so.
Sexual Abuse
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3. Consumption of alcohol is also found to be frequently involved in rape cases. It’s just like another excuse by attackers and it goes most of the time like alcohol loosened up me and the situation that took place, was just an accident. If I wasn’t drunk then I would have never jumped my line. Hence, it’s was just a mistake.

4. There are high cases of sex workers who suffer from sexual assault at the hands of middlemen. Why? They are used to this, they are always consenting to sex, if they are also doing the same then there is nothing to cry at. They could not therefore be raped.

5. Another addition is marital rape. It is a widely held myth that there could be no rape in a marriage, there could be a “rape’’, when there is sexual intercourse without the spouse’s consent and another serious harm is that this also involves is a complete breach of trust by someone loved.

6. There is a difference between being socially awkward and a creep. One excuse that comes for sexual misconduct is that the victim had consent but didn’t say openly, they are just timid and the sexual attacker knew better, what to do.

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7. Women are vulnerable outside at every moment. If a woman likes to do late partying or hanging out with friends exclusively male friends at night time then also a perpetrator takes it as a token of invitation for sexual assault.


It is 2020, and it’s high time we stop blaming the victim of the horrors and the survivors of sexual abuse under the guise of ‘Safety Tips.’ Instead, focus on teaching the men the importance of consent, restrain & control.

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