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Meerut: Mother in Mental Asylum , Father Dead-a 14 years Teen Adopted by Meerut District Police Station!

"Where would I go now"? That was the question asked by the boy which melted the heart of the SHO Sagar .Continue reading to know the final outcome of this heart- warming narrative!


In an exhilarating gesture, a police station in Meerut district has ‘adopted’ a 14-year-old boy who had no one to look after.

As per the reports, the boy named  Anmol lost his father in an accident two years ago and his mother is now in the mental hospital. She failed to cope with the crises owing to the sudden loss of her husband who was the sole breadwinner in the family.

When came to know about the boy’s plight, Sagar, station house officer (SHO) of the Kankerkhera police station, decided to take the boy under his guidance.

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Now, the entire police station staff takes care of Anmol who divides his time between his house and the police station.

“Anmol has a desire to study and achieve something in life. I have spoken about his admission to some schools in the city and will soon start going to school. He spends most of his time with us. We have been taking care of him” the SHO proclaimed.

Anmol has been taken care of by other police personnel and now treats the police station as his second home.

Another police personnel added, “The boy is extremely comfortable here. He stays here, talking to us, or browsing through books that we have given him. He has his meals with us and is not too demanding”.

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Anmol had lost his father in an accident two years ago and his mother slowly became mentally unstable.

“His mother had come to us with a complaint three months ago. That was the first time we came to know about her. She was in bad health. We later got her admitted to the district hospital. She has now been referred to a mental hospital in Agra,” the SHO informed.

He said that he decided to take care of the boy because children of his age, often, take to crime if they do not have guidance.

Anmol’s heart-felt story came to light recently when a video of his cutting his birthday cake at the police station went viral on social media and is seen winning the hearts of the netizens.

Meanwhile, the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) has also taken note of Anmol’s case and has asked the SHO to produce an account of the matter.

“ We have sent two notices to the SHO to appear in person. He has been asked to appear before CWC on February 17 with all the information on the child,” said Anita Rana, a CWC member in Meerut.

Further, she added, “ A team of councillors will also visit the police station on Monday to meet the boy”

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