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Addressing the Majority: 5 reasons to pacify the gullible Hindu minds of the Otherness of Muslims

Although one doesn't need any reason to live in harmony with the other community, yet some misunderstandings have been instigated inside the gullible Hindu minds which we have tried to pacify in our essay series. This is a recap of what we have tried to convey through our 5 part essay series: Decoding the communal fallacies between the two identities.


Ever since the partition of the Indian subcontinent, somewhere in the hearts of Hindus and Muslims, a communal divide is smouldering. In 1976, an attempt was made to quench this divide by adding the term ‘Secular’ in the Indian constitution. But for the sake of political mileage, time again political parties have fueled the dying embers of the communal furnace turning it into a raging fire that has destroyed thousands of innocent lives.

The last six years have witnessed a metamorphosis of India. A gradual shrinking of the ‘Secular’ fabric of the country. The Government’s exposed inclination towards a particular religion has severely mutated the temperament of its citizens, transforming them into irascible hoards. Over the surface, the constitution of India is hailed as the sparkling guide of the nation. Still, the constant badgering of gullible masses with fudged and biased information through social media platforms, many times, corroborated by mainstream media and vanguards of the political arena has sowed a nonsensical idea of hostility between Hindus and Muslims.

An image showing the brotherhood among Hindu and Muslim | Image Credit: New English Review

The consequences of this irrational disgust have a far more drastic impact on our future generations than the already existing unease between the two identities. A generation where the childhood gets accustomed to witnessing either a selective disdain towards a particular faith, as justified or an unconditional hatred being ingrained to the subconscious because they have been born into a particular religion.

The 5 part Essay series: Decoding The Communal Fallacies Between The Two Identities, is a dedicated attempt of the TSA team to quench this divide between the two prominent communities that form the basis of India. An astute analysis of the most notable aspects that a radical Hindu believes as a threat to the existence of Hinduism is necessary so that we appease the widening divide.

We have tried to analyze and appease the most crucial contentions that have infuriated the credulous Hindu minds through rigorously adopting to facts and credible information sources. We have added a brief highlight of each part of the series below, and you can read in detail to explore more about the validity of each extremist belief justified by a radical Hindu for his outrage:

I). The most prominent belief that hovers inside the head of an anxious Hindu is that, throughout the history of the conquest of India, Hindu blood has always been soiled. And for nearly three-quarters of millennia, Hindus have been oppressed and looted at the hands of Muslim invaders. Thus, pushing the once ‘golden bird ‘into impoverishment, and if the Hindus don’t empower themselves now then the history will repeat itself, and the Hindu way of life will be eradicated through forced conversion or death.

War: The age of Death or Glory | Image credit:

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II). The rapidly increasing Muslim population and higher fertility among Muslims compared to their Hindu counterpart are among one of the most crucial issues that have been falsely propagated, developing a sentiment of fear and turmoil in the mind of the naive Hindu populous. Part II of our series attempts to debunk the myth of the Muslim Population Bomb popularised by extremist Hindu outfits.

Interpreting the Number in accordance with the Agenda | Image Credit:

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III). The next most widespread concern in the mind of the naive Hindu is the relationship between Muslims and terrorism. The belief that killing innocents is the way of the jihad for Muslims and their blind faith in Islam hinders their tolerance of other religious perceptions. The idea that terrorism originates because of bigot Islamic teaching is also the foremost reason behind the misgivings between the two communities.

How worlds see Muslims | Image Credit: Twitter

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IV). The most vehement issue that urges a radical Hindu to denounce the Muslim culture is based upon their dietary habits. The Hindu mythology worships Cows on the pretext of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata. The belief that infuriates the ordinary Hindus is that, despite the acknowledgement about the Holy status of Cow for the Hindu’s, the Muslims kill and eat them because of their intent to humiliate and downgrade the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Beef Eats Man | Image Credit: AP

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V). An intense fear has been implanted in the mind of naive Hindu masses since the last few years through the mainstream media revelation of a Muslims conspiracy to annihilate India through the conquest: “Ghazwa-e-Hind “, a prophecy which finds its mentions in the Hadiths– a set of sayings by Prophet Mohammad, second-most holy text in Islam, after Qur’an. The prophecy demands that every Muslim must sacrifice their life and wealth in the holy jihad against unbelievers. 

Selective narrative exclusively to Demonize Muslims | Image  Credit: TRD

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The series ‘Decoding the Communal Fallacies Between The Two Identities’ is written by Saurav Singh and Edited by Shiva Chaudhary

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